Bread Method for Lazy People

Bread Method for Lazy People

Most of you know by now that I love bread. But you know what I don't love? The 4+ hours when you are standing around trying to preoccupy yourself for 30 minutes increments while doing the bulk rise. Sure, I could watch TV, catch up on emails, clean my dirty room but sometimes, I just don't got time for that!

Introducing... the LAZY bread method. Ready to get lazy? Same. Take a nap instead of doing laundry. Go for a 4-hour stroll, you don't have to think about this bread again for a while. After a 30 minute autolyze of the water, flour and starter, add salt and then move to dough to the fridge for the bulk rise. Go to sleep. Come back in around 8 hours, perform two folds at 30-minute intervals and then pre-shape. Cover with a towel for 30 minutes. Perform the final shaping and then place into the fridge for 10 - 12 hours as the final rise. Bake and Enjoy! That was easy, no? 


Wednesday, 7 AM: Revive started - 1 tbsp starter + 200 g warm water + 200 g flour (half whole wheat/ half bread) 

Wednesday, 11 PM: Mix 200 g revived starter + 750 g warm water. Add 1,000 g flour (800 bread flour/ 200 whole wheat). Allow to rest (autolyse) 30 minutes. Add 10 g salt and move to fridge for bulk rise. Sleep. 

Thursday, 7 AM: Remove dough from fridge, perform 1 round of in container folds. 7:30 AM:  Perform second round of folds. 8:00 AM: Preshape. 8:30 AM: final shape.

Thursday, 7 PM: pre-heat oven and baking vessel too 500˚ F. Bake bread with cover on for 25 minutes, remove cover and bake an additional 25 minutes.