Tail Up Goat

Tail Up Goat knows that it is a good restaurant. I mean, look, its pedigree contains the two of the best restaurants in all of DC; Komi, and Litte Serow. Saying the food would be bad there would be like walking up to Gisele and Tom Brady's children and saying, "you're ugly and you will go no where in life". Like Benjamin, Jack, and Vivian, this restaurant is definitely going places.

But where exactly will it take you? The interior of the restaurant invites you in with a modern and airy upscale beach feel. The calming blue walls tell you relaxxx and sit down and order a cocktail. You're in for something good.

The oasis atmosphere is certainly classy enough for a romantic dinner, but could arguable also suit the solo diner. Someone who just wants to go and unwind at the bar with a wonderful meal. Scrounge up all the courage you must and order the lamb ribs for two just for yourself, they're good enough that you probably don't want to share them anyways.

The issue with Tail Up Goat although, is that despite its impressive pedigree and relaxing feel, this restaurant that can't quite figure out what its niche is. The menu contains a number of different dishes that have varying sizes and are separated into 4 different sections on the menu, making it hard to know what to order and how they will course the meals. Especially when everything on the menu is going to be so good, it can be tempting to order the entire menu just to taste everything, but that's not particularly possible for a solo diner or couples which the restaurant is definitely suited towards. My lowly advice to Little Serow? Decide on whether you want to do small plates or not and run with it. Otherwise don't offer so many choices at varying sizes. As a diner it is confusing and nobody likes that awkward moment when there is tons of food left on the table- or not enough. 


The Eats

Seaweed Sourdough

Like toast but a thousand million bajillion times better.  Order it. Whoever thought to take something from the bottom of the ocean and mix into bread is a flipping genius.

Braised Carrots

They were okay. They tasted like carrots.

Grilled Quail

Beautiful presentation and served with a chimichurri and Greek yogurt sauce that would make just about anything taste better, especially little chickens.  Get ready to get your hands a little slimy as you dig in- the wet wipe they serve with it is a necessary utensil.

Smoked Rutabaga Ravioli

You might be wondering when Buddy the Elf took over the kitchen as you read the description. Pasta and Gingerbread crumbs? All jokes aside though, this works and it is fantastic.