Rose's Luxury

Rose's Luxury is where you bring people who like good food- and are willing to wait for it. The line around the corner can sometimes seem a little daunting for just a dinner, but the food is worth the wait. The tiny restaurant opened three years ago and still holds to their no reservation policy, causing a hunger inducting stomach ache to ensure that by the time you are eating you will think you it is the best god damn meal you've ever had in your life.

On a side note: has anyone ever wondered if restaurants do this because it is scientifically proven that food tastes better the hungrier you are? Anyways, starved or not, you are in for a good meal at Rose's.

The menu dibble dabbles in a little bit of everything. Just showing that sometimes you can cook any type of food you want to if you know how to cook.

The space is unassuming and unpretentious- and it wants to be. Rose's doesn't want you to feel uncomfortable that you have no idea what the wine regions in France are named. It doesn't even care. This restaurant is all about getting a little buzz on with one of their delectable cocktails and eating hypocritically named foods that you would never think of as tasting good (looking at you, 'pig's ear salad'). The restaurant is also set up almost exclusively for couples, with only one table in the back for larger parties- making it a good spot for celebrating the 352 days since you both spilled jumbo margs all over each other at Don Tito's. I'm glad you're past the point of living in Arlington and are both clearly far classier than that now.  Then again, don't be afraid to try one too many of their very tasty cocktails and relive the glory days.


The Eats

Charred Carrots

You stab your fork into the carrot. Yup, looks like a carrot. You raise it to your nose... doesn't really smell like a carrot. You take your first bite and look at the thing on your fork. There is no possible way that is a carrot.

Pig's Ear Salad

Its not really a salad, so don't order this to be healthy or, actually, order this to pretend to be healthy by ordering a salad, but really you just wanted something that tastes like bacon. This is basically bacon.

Mezzi Rigatoni "Alla Almatricana"

One of the best dishes on the menu. Do not skip it. The slight spicy bite of the sauce will keep your taste buds singing while the perfect ratio of carb to sauce makes sure every bite is sublime.

Cacio e Pepe

Order it. 

Smoked Brisket

Moist and fatty. Served appropriately with plain old white bread. Pro tip: make a sandwich containing all the condiments that are served with it, especially the coleslaw.

Peruvian Style Chicken

Its a good juicy piece of chicken but nothing legendary. The same can be said for the fried yuca- tastes about the same as the coop at whole foods.