Who am I? 

Glad you asked! 

My name is Morgan Manchester. 

You can usually find me elbow deep in a bag of flour, with a little chocolate streaked across my forehead. If I'm not there, I'm probably outside exploring the city (still with chocolate streaked across my forehead). 

I started this blog because my friends and family always wanted to know why I was waking up at 4AM to "feed the starter". Curious? Subscribe to stay tuned. 

I became obsessed with baking bread after I moved to Washington, D.C. and no longer had 3 hours a day to spend playing with my horses while working a full time job. I mainly work on sourdough bread recipes that will fit into every lifestyle but try to eat a leafy green every now and then too. Although some might scoff, I like to make bread that works for you instead of freaking out about ambient room temperature, how many folds you've done, or the exact hydration level.  I mean, my heating bill was also over $400 dollars last month and we keep the thermostat at 64° F. No chance I am setting the heat to 70° to make bread. My roommates would also probably kill me.

Questions, comments or just want to chat? Email me at wandershoottaste@gmail.com and make sure to sign up below to stay tuned with the newest experiments! 



Where am I? 

Currently, Washington, D.C.